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Eiren's Logo - A blue circle containing code

Digital Herdbook - Client Project

This web design was created for an animal society who wanted an online version of their herdbook. Normally, the clients members need to use a physical copy in order to obtain information or contact a member of staff to request the information, this projects objective was to digitalize this process and give the clients memebers easy access to information where they can easily search information about animals and details such as DOB, sire, dam, owner, etc. The design and how memebers can access the service was designed with GDPR in mind, this is especially prevalent in the other half of this project - Animal Birth Notifcation.

Project process: The design for this project was initially researching herdbooks and its contents in order to get a feel and understanding of what information members look for.

Next sketches were designed to mark the initial website, then a basic prototype was created using Balsamiq in order to outline the flow of the website and highlight any problematic areas. Once completed, a high-fidelity prototype was design in Adobe Photoshop. During each step, there was also special consideration made towards the design as there was a possiblitity to develop a mobile application that works offline so the design for this would need to resemble the website and be responsive. Below are samples of the low-fidelity prototype.


Learning Outcomes: