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Eiren's Logo - A blue circle containing code
Eiren's Logo - A blue circle containing code

Trojan - Movie Poster

movie poster

This project was completed using Adobe Photoshop. The aim of this project is to create movie poster based in a post-apocalyptic time.

Looking at different themes such as zombies, disease, technology, climate change, alien life and nuclear explosions. I settled on taking a twist on technology. I am aware of the fact that as humans, we depend on technology. It’s everywhere around us, even in the most ordinary things such as your phone, your heating system, machines, cars, etc. this dependency made me think about the fact what if we all got hacked, our lives compromised, our minds taken over by technology until were left as shells of our former selves. I created a log line and tag for my movie.

Log Line: 'The Hacker' saw an opportunity to take control. He hacked himself into major security systems giving him access to some of the most vital information. But he didn't stop there, he began targeting the population until he was in total control of their lives. He is the enemy who got within and changed the rules of life as we know it !

Tag line: The Enemy Within

The image below shows how the project was intially constructed from using a photo to turnnig the image to greyscale, to using a custom brush to apply colour binary code onto the photo and any other applying edits


Features include:

  • Incorporation of binary code
  • Credit sequence
  • Rating and logo
  • Titling and constructing story, logline and tagline
  • Graphics creating in Adobe Photoshop
  • Making images into mid-tone values

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creating custom Adobe Photoshop brushes
  • Converting images into mid-tone colour values
  • Difference between RGB and CYMK