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Graphical Quote

graphical quote about the moon

This project was completed using Adobe Illustrator. The aim of this project was to create a graphical representation that matched with an accompanying quote. The graphic needed to reflect the contents of the quote. The quote talks about the moon and the stars, these are visually represented. It combines both elements of text and graphics together to create a comprehensive piece.

This pieces utilizes a glow effect to illuminate the moon and the stars that acts similar to how one sees the moon and stars. A gradient to give the image a direction in light and show the moon to light up the night sky, of which the gradient shows the this and also using layering and strokes to give the moon character and design of craters.


Features include:

  • Addition of glow for Moon and stars illumination
  • Gradient for providing a lighting direction
  • Drop Shadowing for depth
  • Layering of parts such as the moon to give it character