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Colony Collapse

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Colony Collapse is a game created with ActionScript in Adobe Animate. All assets are created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate. While all Animations were created in Adobe Flash.

This was a team project, primarily my focus was on the programming aspects while my team member primarily focused on graphics and animation, these are credited to Kevin Dwane.

Colony Collapse is about a Bee's hive coming under siege from creepy crawlies. The Hero Bee must go and save all the Baby Bees that have been left behind. Each Baby Bee is equal to a point. With Creepy Crawlies lurking about you will also find collapsing doors or even spikes which you will lose a life from if you touch it. If you can collect all 10 Baby Bees you win and if you don't.....well let’s hope the best for the Baby Bees.

Game features include:

Learning Outcomes: