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Wish I Was Here App - Asset Design

wish i was here assets

This project is part of the Wish I Was Here app developed in 2016. Wish I Was Here App is an android mobile application - the no pay holiday - where users can transport to any location all within a few taps and is available on the Google Play Store. As part of the project, I designed and created most of the assets found within the app, these designs can be broken down into background images, icons and static images. It was designed and developed by myself and team member Laura Pigott. The application was developed using Java (through processing 3.0) and designed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Above are some of the inital sketches that were created to outline some ideas for graphics and app layout. These designs were iterated on a nuber of times in order to finalize details. Once finalized, they were designed in Adobe Illustrator, where it too was iterated on to finalize the design and select the appropriate colour palettes. Below are some of the icons that can be found throughout the app. Each with its own functionality and purpose, such as delete, save, switch camera, home, settings etc. Along with some background images and applicatio intro screen created.


A basic overview of the app

A user can search for a location that they would like to visit which intergrates with Google Street Maps API or be taken toa random location. Using a green background, be it a green screen, grass or green wall, the devices camera can remove the background and in its place is the searched location and the user, this is done by a custom green key screening function thus transporting the users virtually anywhere. Users are also given the opportunity to save the photo onto their device and publish a tweet on their account containing their image.

Features include:

  • Addition of glow for Moon and stars illumination
  • Gradient for providing a lighting direction
  • Drop Shadowing for depth
  • Layering of parts such as the moon to give it character